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  1. Anglican Seminary of Virginia Catalogue of Studies, $25.00
  2. Teaching Children to Pray for Parents New to the Faith, $1.50 each. 20 or more $1.00 each.
  3. Communications Technique for Caregivers of Seniors, helps senior do a autobiography for family. $5.00 each.
  4. Christian Guidance and Counseling Institute Brochure on Services available, $1.50
  5. Preparing for Ordination in the Anglican Church of Virginia, $10.00
  6. Quiet Day Retreats at Evensong, Brochure, Free.

Call or email for assistance or information. Telephone 1.540.635.5521; email:

Mail orders to: Publication: c/o Bishop Larry Johnson
582 Simons Way
Front Royal, Virginia 22630
No Postage charged for first class mail.  If Priority is desired add $5.00 to order amount.


Call, or email for multiple copy prices and overnight deliver.  Quiet Day promotional brochures are free when ordering one.  
Call for more info.

  1. Anglican Seminary of Virginia Catalogue of Academic Studies, $25.00
  2. Guide for Women Seeking Admission as a Deaconess, $10.00
  3. Guide for Men Seeking Ordination. Preparing for Ordination in ACOVA, $10.00
  4. Priest Instructional Guide For The Celebration of Holy Communion - BCP 1928 , $25.00

  1. Kit of Business and Counseling Forms for the Pastoral Counselor $25.00
  2. The Faith Factor - Ministering to Seniors in Long term Care and Assisted Living, $5.00
  3. A Guide to Improving Staff and Caregiver Communication Techniques in Long term Care and Assisted Living, $5.00
  4. A Curriculum Guide Kit for Seminar Instruction of Staff and Caregivers of Long Term Care and Assisted Living,

  1. Counselor Training Information Brochure offered by CGCI $25.00
  2. Christian Guidance and Counseling Institute Services Brochure, $5.00
  3. Anglican Church of Virginia Statement of Briefs Information Brochure, $2.00
  4. Quiet Day Retreat, Information Brochure $0.00
  5. The Anglican Church of Virginia - Who We Are and How You Can Be Involved, Brochure $3.00
  6. Meaning of the Crest and Bishop's Seal, $2.00
  7. Bumper Sticker, $6.00 each. $5.00 in  quantities of more two (2)

New Publications and Educational Materials

All guides and kits are $25 each.  Call, or email for multiple copy prices and overnight delivery.  Some items can be
made available by email. Please call or email for prices.  


Altar Guilds
Instructions for altar guilds, available as an aid to setting the altar for Holy Communion. A leaflet.

A brochure on The Anglican Church of Virginia -Free
Available for promotion.  It explains briefly "What Anglicans Believe," description of the mission of the church and
biographical information on Bishop Johnson.

The Anglican     The official journal of ACOVA. Free
Published Quarterly. To have
The Anglican delivered to you by mail or E-Mail, send your address to

The Anglican Voice   A email newsletter for Anglican women.  Published quarterly. Order by email. Free

Anglican Church International Communion, The Declaration of Principles
The ACIC is a body of different Anglican Provinces that truly are seeking unity by coming together under the ACIC banner.  
The Declaration of Principles were approved November 17, 2001 in Atlanta, Georgia.  To receive further information contact
the Bishop of Virginia.
The Anglican Church of Virginia, 582 Simons Way, Front Royal, Va  22630