Background Information on +Larry W. Johnson
The Bishop's Apostolic Succession  From Peter to Bishop Johnson, this is a wonderful
25-page historical document tracing the laying on of hands from Christ to todays
Anglo-Catholic Leaders. Click here:

Larry Wilson Johnson was consecrated in February 2001by visiting Anglican Bishops to Virginia from Haiti and the United States as
Bishop of Virginia and the Episcopal Visitor to Haiti. Bishop Johnson has served the Anglican Church since 1981,reading for orders under
The Rev. Canon Ramsay Robertson-Kendall, Oxon. Canterbury and the Commission on Holy Orders of the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic
States, Anglican Catholic Church.  He was made a priest in 1984 by the Rt. Rev. Wm. deJ. Rutherfoord.  He served as the rector at Christ
Anglican Church, Warrenton, Virginia until 1990.  He founded St. Paul's Anglican Mission to the Poor and Imprisoned as early 1983 and
for more than twenty years he has been a  parish priest, pastoral counselor, teacher and school principal.  He  had a career spanning more
than twenty years as an association chief executive in Washington, D.C.  Johnson is a founder of the Anglican Church International
Communion which is made up of seventeen provinces around the world.  He serves as the ACIC's Secretary General. He is the Archbishop
for the International provinces and jurisdictions of the ACIC and the Virginia Communion.

Born in Raleigh and raised in the farm community of Coats, he began his professional career as a teacher in North Carolina at Cary
High School.  At age 25, he was promoted to the Department of Public Instruction and served as a State Supervisor of Industrial and
Technical Eduction.  He was assigned two years later to Washington, D.C., to found the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America. He served
as the organization's chief executive officer for twenty-three years. He served from 1972 until 1984 as the United States Representative to
the International Council on Skilled Competition headquarter in Madrid, Spain. In this capacity he traveled and advised most of the
industrialized nations on training and education. During his years as an educator he was voted the nation's outstanding Career and Technical
Educator. During his work with the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America the organization grew to an annual enrollment of nearly 300,000
students training in 5,000 school programs throughout the United States and territories. He was received at the White House by President
Ronald Reagan three times relative to his work in training.  He was elected three times to serve as Chairperson of the National Coordinating
Council of Student Organizations founded in the White House. His duties as chairperson were to coordinate the programs of two million
students, teachers and administrators nationwide.

He first studied at Campbell University and then at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  where he earned his B.A.  He
earned his Master's Degree at
North Carolina State University at Raleigh. His Doctorate of Ministry was earned at Saint George's
School of Theology
, San Antonio, Texas. St. George's is located at St. Chad's Church  in San Antonio. He served six years in the USMCR.
He is a Certified Association Executive (inactive) and a Fellow in the American Psychotherapy Association. He is married to Sondra B.
Johnson, an author. They have seven children and live at Front Royal, Virginia in the Shenendoah Valley.

A man of missionary zeal, he leads the work to build The Anglican Church of Virginia, train men for the priesthood and serve the spiritual
needs of God's people.  A traditional Anglican with the heart of an evangelical Larry Johnson teaches, "It is the souls of men, women and
children we must bring to Jesus Christ, because the Kingdom of God is at hand."                               

*Picture to right is of the Bishop instructing.
Apostolic Succession ACOVA 2004
Pictures: Top Left to Right, Founding of ACIC in Atlanta, 2001; Bishop's visits Haiti, 2003. Second row: Left to Right, Bishops in
Mexico City sign Resolution stating Virginia is See of New World Anglicanism, 2005 ;Laying of cornerstone for church in India,
2007. Bishop's visit to Colombia to make new bishops, 2008; Pastoral visit to St. John Baptist, Anglican Church, Campton,
Kentucky; Bishop marries couple at Evensong Chapel, Front Royal, Virginia.  Photo top right of Archbishop Larry Wilson Johnson.
Resume of +Larry Wilson Johnson