Anglican Church of Virginia

Priest and Church/Parish Application
for Membership


As the Apostolic Church brought both religious and non-religious peoples to Christ, WE
DECLARE that the Church of today must be a church on mission, reaching out to believers
and non-believers with the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

WE FURTHER DECLARE that we adhere wholly to biblical teaching and to the following
principles, and thus shall not accept any action or compromise that would weaken or change
the faith and traditions of these principles and beliefs, which we hold to be essential to an
unimpaired relationship with Jesus Christ and His one holy catholic and apostolic church.

1. We believe in the authority of the HOLY SCRIPTURES as the inerrant Word of God, as
summarized by the Creeds, taught by the Fathers, and defined in the Thirty-Nine Articles of
Religion, and the Authorized (King James) Version of The Holy Bible, it being the standard
translation into the English language.

2. We believe the Nicene and Apostles' CREEDS are binding on every member of the Church
as the expression of their specific personal commitment and conviction.

3.We believe HOLY BAPTISM as ordained by Christ, as set forth in the Book of Common
Prayer, is the seal of our Salvation, and Confirmation by a bishop in the apostolic line is the
means whereby we receive the strengthening gifts of the Holy Spirit in the Apostolic tradition.

4. We believe HOLY COMMUNION shall be validly celebrated by a bishop of the Apostolic
line, or by a priest ordained by such a bishop, and properly received by those confirmed or
ready and desirous to be confirmed.  Holy Communion will not be refused to believing baptized
Christians of other traditions.

5.We believe HOLY ORDERS of Bishop, Priest, and Deacon are open only to believing men,
following Biblical practice, the universal practice of the holy catholic church, and as intended by
our Book of Common Prayer.

6. We believe the integrity of the sacramental functions of the EPISCOPATE, and according to
the Apostolic model, as evangelists, guardians of the faith, and caring shepherds of the flock,
shall be placed above the administrative responsibilities that have so often caused mischief in
the churches of former years.

7. We believe the historic BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER is regarded as a doctrinal
standard and our common liturgy. We worship according to the 1928 American edition of the
Book of Common Prayer, the 1962 Canadian edition, or the 1662 English Book of Common
Prayer.  We respect liturgical expression established by Archbishop Thomas Cranmer in 1549,
and the 1552 version as set forth by the Act of Uniformity at the accession of Queen Elizabeth
I in 1558, and other national equivalents so far as the faith is kept entire by them.

8. We believe in the unique salvation of Jesus Christ and pledge our commitment to the words
of Our Lord Jesus Christ about Himself: "I am the WAY, the Truth, and the Life: and no man
cometh to the Father, but by me."

9. We believe that marriage is between one man and one woman; that life begins at conception;
that abortion and assisted suicide are sins; and the blessing of a same sex relationship is a sin.


We (I), hereby, with the submission of this application pray for membership in the Anglican
Church of Virginia.


Oath of Communion:  In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, I declare that I have
read and understand the Declaration of Principles and the Tenets of Faith of the Anglican
Church of Virginia and accept them as the Tenets of Faith for myself and parish. I will obey and
follow these beliefs in my ministry and my spiritual life. I understand that I may leave this
communion at anytime for any reason and likewise the ACOVA has these same privileges and
recourse to break this communion.  I certify I am in good standing in my state, country or
nation. I am not a violator nor have I ever been of the law now or in the past. I am not a sexual
offender. Further, I certify I hold a valid Passport.  If there should come a time when my beliefs
change or I violate the tenets of belief of this communion it shall be considered to constitute my
resignation from this communion. I shall hold legally harmless the ACOVA and understand I
have no legal recourse and shall depart in peace. My HOPE and prayer is in enjoying the
fellowship of this communion , to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to serve God’s people
and to strive to bring forth the Kingdom of God. Finally, I agree to follow lawful and Godly
instruction and direction received from my Bishop.

SIGNED, In the Name of GOD the FATHER, GOD the SON and GOD the HOLY

I (we) the Priest(s) of the of (parish(s) ___________________ (attach list), of,
_______________________ (Country/Nation/ or State), do request and pray to come

into the Anglican Church of Virginia, Anglican Church International Communion.  I (we) pledge
and affirm my (our) agreement to the
Oath of Communion and the Declaration of Principles
by my (our)

Signature and seal(s) to this document, this _________Day of ____________ (month), two-
thousand ____________, in the year of Our Lord.

Signature(s): ___________________________, in the ______________ year of my


Accepted by:  _______________________________________________________
Seal and Date                               The Rt. Rev. Larry W. Johnson

*This application for membership and request for communion is not official until signed and
sealed by the Bishop of the Anglican Church of Virginia.

Required Information

Please provide the following information: Attach additional pages if necessary.

1. Name of Church (es) or parish(es) seeking membership in the Anglican Church of Virginia:
Give location and number of communicants and members.

2. Name of Clergy and Clergy information ( Include information about each clergyman):

3. Dates of Ordination, Name of Province or Diocese of Ordination, Location of Ordination,
Name of Bishop(s) who ordained clergy.) Copies of ordination documents, records of
education and legal documents required ,if any, in my country to function as a clergyman and or
ministry. Clergy must provide a current and valid Passport Identification Number and Country.

4. Name(s) of Senior Warden or church officials  or Lay Leader in each Parish.

5. Reason for seeking to come into the Anglican Church of Virginia(USA).

6. Describe briefly your activities and mission.

7. Only a voluntary tithe is required.  Each parish or clergyman sets the amount of  tithe to be
given to the Anglican Church of Virginia.  If a tithe can not be given it should be noted.

8. Please provide the name, address and contact information of the person or persons to whom
the  Bishop will sent all official email or correspondence.  Provide the title of a specific person
to be the coordinator.  If the person does not have a title the Bishop will designate this person
Canon or Director of Communications with the approval of the appropriate governing body of
the parish or priest.

Return  signed document and  information to:

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Larry Wilson Johnson
Anglican Church of Virginia
Secretary General
The Anglican Church International Communion


Provinces in Communion with the
Anglican Church of Virginia

  1. Anglican Church of Virginia (USA)
  2. Orthodox Anglican Church of Haiti
  3. Anglican Diocese of the Good Shepherd (USA)
  4. Orthodox Anglican Church of the South (USA)
  5. Anglican Episcopal Church of India
  6. The Free Church of Australia of the Anglican Church of
  7. Mexican Independent Episcopal Church
  8. American Anglican Convocation
  9. Anglican Episcopal Church
  10. Anglican Church of India
  11. Diocese of the Caribbean and New Granada and the
    Holy    Catholic Church (WR)
  12. Traditional Church of England and Australia
  13. Anglican Diocese of Central America
  14. Independent Anglican Church of Pakistan