Who we are Spiritually

Our history may be traced to the times of Jesus and His Apostles.  Our history is traced to
visited his tin mines at Glastonbury, England and founded a Church.  There are wonderful St.
Paul or St. Philip. The first written mention of any Christians in Britain is by the historian
Tertullian  about 200.*  He writes of "parts of Britain, inaccessible to the Romans, which had
"Christians to be found."*

Our form  of worship is based upon the two commandments of Jesus, which are: to be
baptised of the water and the Holy Ghost, and to remember Him by the taking of His Body
and Blood through the Holy Communion until He returns. Our form of worship in Holy
Services is from the earliest liturgies of the Church.  The form of worship for us today is the
service that comes directly from the Prayer Books of Archbishop Thomas Cranmer of
1549(the greatest monument to his genius)*, and 1552.  The 1559 book was approved for our
use by Queen Elizabeth the First, the person for whom the Commonwealth of Virginia is
named.  Elizabeth was the "Virgin Queen." Our Book of Common Prayer, the 1928, is eighty
percent Scripture and the other  twenty percent is comprised of prayers and teachings based
on the Scriptures. It is the 1559 with few revisions.

Our faith was brought to the New World with the first English settlement at Roanoke Island
on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  The first English child baptised in the New World
was little Virginia Dare in 1584. Sir Walter Raleigh's attempted settlement would disappear
and become the "Lost Colony."  Several years later in 1607 John Smith, an Englishman,  
would try again to establish a settlement in Virginia on Jamestown Island. This effort would
be successful. Not only would the Anglican Faith be established there, but democracy as the
world knows it today.  It would be in their Church that the first democratic body would
assemble.  The people would begin to govern themselves as a free people. John Smith, the
great sea captain, would insure the success of this little colony by his determination and by
the Grace of God. Many Virginians and members of the Anglican Church of Virginia trace
their family history to Jamestown.

The strong faith of Anglicans in this colony would help them to endure hardships in order to
succeed in their Mission.  With strength like theirs we seek to accomplish missionary work
of saving souls and expanding the Kingdom of God on Earth.  Anglicans have always been
great explorers and have always taken their faith with them.  Thus, the strongest protestant
faith in many places in the world is the Anglican Faith.

The Anglican Faith gave birth to democracy and individual freedom as we know it.  It has
gone through difficult times and good times.  Today the Anglican Faith is split in America.
Episcopal bishops have strayed from the teaching in the Holy Bible.  There are cracks in the
foundation of the Church of England as well. Because of this we can no longer be a part of
those "groups."  Too, there are other denominations with like problems.  We seek to be a
Body of Christ on Earth fully aware that our responsibilities are to God and not man.

We have a rich heritage and examples of unselfish sacrifice of dedicated men and women. In
Virginia  there is George Washington and many other founders of these United States. Now
we feel the torch has been passed to us and we must not turn away from our duty but carry
on the work of Jesus and of our forefathers.

Importantly, we feel that Virginia is Holy Ground.  It is here that God planted a colony and
new nation of free people, sons and daughters of Christ.   Our form of government, begun at
Jamestown, is the hope of all enslaved people desiring to breathe free. Virginia and America
is the "shining City upon a hill" spoken of in the Bible, and its Light can not and must not be
extinguished.  We believe the Anglican Faith was given to us by God and His Grace still
guides us.  The sacrifice of Christ upon a cross and His love for us are our assurances of
*  Moorman, John R. H.,
A History of the Church in England
**The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church

As Anglicans, we agree that the fundamentals of our beliefs define us.  Our heritage
strengthens our resolve to persevere in the manner that calls us to highest duty. Our
commitment to Christ is foremost;

As Anglicans, we have a cherished heritage passed on to us from Christ and the ancient
Church of England and of Scotland, as well as the ancient fathers, doctors and martyrs, to
which we adhere;

As Anglicans, we know that we are heirs of the spirit of the founders of our new American
Nation and we honor the daring of those who came to our shores and began the American

As Anglicans, we are committed to reaching out to Anglicans of all lands and nations and  
welcoming them into full Communion;

Therefore, with full knowledge and in the tradition of those who celebrated the first Holy
Communion at Jamestown, Virginia in 1607, we dedicate our lives and service to Christ's
Great Commission;  

And Further, with full knowledge of the examples of Anglican dedication, like John Smith,
George Washington and Robert E. Lee, we accept our Trust with a humble spirit, agreeing
with the devout General Lee, that "duty is the sublimest word in our language;"

Therefore, it is Resolved, we Pledge our lives, honor and fortunes to do our duty toward God,
family, our beloved country and her people, and peoples of other lands .

In the Name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. Amen.

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The Anglican Church of Virginia
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