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Anglican Church International Communion
Anglican Church of Virginia (USA)
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  • New Communion Seat
  • Progress in Unifying
  • Seminary Goes
    Council is Organized
  • Anglican Church
    International Communion
  • New Revival in Anglican
    Faith Announced
  • Bishops of India and
    Virginia Sign Accord
  • Two More Provinces Join
    the ACIC
  • ACIC Consists of Twenty-
    one Provinces

New Communion Seat
Virginia is the new "seat of
communion" for Anglicans.
Bishops of the Anglican Church
International Communion
(ACIC)  meeting in Mexico City
voted unanimously to recognize
Virginia's place in history,
asking Bishop Larry W. Johnson
to take a major role in uniting
Anglicans. The Anglican Church
of Virginia is already providing
leadership for the ACIC and has
opened the International
Secretary's office at Front
Royal, Virginia (USA).

Progress in Unifying Anglicans
The Anglican Church of Virginia
was formed in February 2001
with a two-fold purpose. First
winning souls for Christ and
secondly, uniting Anglicans in
the United States and around the
world.  ACOVA, a missionary
minded Church, is realizing
success in achieving both goals.
Beginning with Haitian
Anglicans relations expanded to
Dioceses of the Good Shepherd,
Bishop Melvin Pickering;
Georgia and India, Bishop
Vincent Thakore; and  Australia,
Bishop Ernest Kelly.
In February 2005 Bishop Victor
Manuel Cruz Blanco of the
Diocese of The Caribbean and
New Granada and the Holy
Catholic Church (WR)
formalized communion
relations. Most recently an
accord with Anglican Church of
India, Bishop Stephen
Vattappara, has been signed.
These bodies are in full
communion  having their own
bishops and dioceses in their
respective countries and States.  
Bishop Johnson will, among his
duties, facilitate the relations of
the various bishops of the ACIC.

Seminary Goes
International/Accreditation Council
is Organized
The Anglican Seminary of
Virginia's educational program is
being used by bishops in four
countries. To strengthen
education in the new
communion the
College of Bishops has
established the Council for
Accreditation of Anglican
Schools and Colleges. The
ACIC has two schools. There is
one in Virginia and the second
in Texas. St. George's School of
Theology in San Antonio, Texas
is the oldest institution of this
type in the ACIC. It is
administered by the Rt. Rev.
Melvin Pickering of the Diocese
of the Good Shepherd. Bishop
Larry Johnson heads the
Seminary in Virginia.

Anglican Church International
Communion Grows
Beginning with four bishops, the
ACIC now numbers twenty
bishops from ten nations on six
continents around the world.
Agreements among traditional
bishops of the ACIC and
ACOVA have united over
825,000 Anglicans having more
than 900 parishes and missions.
ACIC was founded by Bishops
+Lafond Lapointe (deceased),
Haiti; +Vincent Thakore
(deceased), Georgia; +Melvin
Pickering, New Mexico and
+Larry Johnson, Virginia.  
Bishops from each province are
members of the College of
Bishops. Today the College
consists of bishops from twenty-
one provinces. The most recent
to join are the Most Rt. Rev.
Michael Wright(deceased) of
the United Kingdom of the HCC
(WR) of the Diocese of Europe
and the Rt. Rev. Fabiano ferrês
of the Apostolic Episcopal
Church of Brazil.

New Revival in Anglican Faith
In June of 2005 the bishops of
the ACIC joined in signing a  
Manifesto designating Virginia
the birth place of Anglicanism in
the New World. This action
directs that Virginia will be the
"locus" of the  renewal
movement of the Anglican
Faith. This year,2006, the
program will be launched. This
resolution is found by scrolling

Bishops of India and Virginia
Sign Accord
In July 2005 the Anglican
Church of India and the
Anglican Church of Virgina
signed a "Memorandum of
Understanding" to work toward
greater fellowship and unity.
Arch Bishop of India, the Rt.
Rev. Stephen Vattappara, and
Bishop Larry Johnson  met at
Evensong in Front Royal,
Virginia, (USA) to sign this
historic accord. Father Stephen
John accompanied Bishop
Vattappara. This document
appears below following the

Bishops from United Kingdom
and Brazil Join ACIC.

Bishop Wright who recently
joined the ACIC did a complete
study of the ACIC's
of Principles
before petitioning
to join the College of Bishops of
the ACIC. His study was
recently incorporated in the
ACIC publication
Questions and
This publication may
be found on our web site. The
Secretary General's office will
email the publication to bishops
who express interest and want
to have the publication

Bishop Wright's study is indept
and stirs the mind in these times
of division and separation. His
analysis points out that the
ACIC is truly Anglican and
unifies without domination.

The ACIC and the New World

Anglican Church International Communion. Virginia
led the way in founding ACIC in November of 2001
in Atlanta, Georgia. Meeting in Atlanta the ACIC
began  with Bishops Larry W. Johnson, Virginia;
Lafond Lapointe, Haiti, Melvin Pickering, New
Mexico and Vincent Thakore, Atlanta. The purpose
was to begin the uniting of continuing provinces in
the United States and abroad. Since the founding
the ACIC and the Virginia Communion have grown
to number twenty-seven provinces around the
world. The Anglican Church of India is in
communion with the ACOVA and Bishop Johnson
represents their interest in the United State and
likewise the ACI represent our interest in India.

Provinces of the Anglican Church International
Communion the Virginia Communion are:

1.        Anglican Church of Virginia (USA)
2.        Anglican Church of India*
3.        Orthodox Anglican Church of Haiti*
4.        Anglican Diocese of the Good Shepherd  
5.        Orthodox Anglican Church of the South
6.        Anglican Episcopal Church of India
7.        The Free Church of Australia of the Anglican
Church of Virginia*
8.        Mexican Independent Episcopal Church
9.        Anglican Christian Church of Haiti
10.      Anglican Episcopal Church
11.      Diocese of the Caribbean and New
Granada and the Holy Catholic Church (WR)
Caribbean and New Granada
12.      African Orthodox Church of Africa*
13.      Anglican Diocese of  South America
14.      Anglican Diocese of Central America
15.      Traditional Church of England and Australia
16.       Missionary Diocese of Cameroon of
17.      Anglican Church of Georgia (USA)
18.      National Anglican Church of the Dominican
19.      Catholic Apostolic Anglican Church
Missionary Diocese of the Latino/Hispanic in the
20.      Holy Catholic Church-WR Diocese of
21.     The Orthodox Church and Anglican Mantese
of Brazil
22.      Episcopal Church of the Solomon Islands*
23.     Trinity Priory of South Africa
24.     Traditional Catholic Community of Cameroon
25.     Diocese of Haiti Anglican Christian
Missionary Church*
26.     Anglican Diocese of South Africa
27.     Ecumenical Canonical Orthodox Church

Projected statistics are: more than 925, 000
members and 2,000 parishes, missions and
churches. There are only 500 clergy serving this
vast number of people. There are more than forty
bishops in the Virginia and ACIC Communion.

There are two accredited seminaries: the Anglican
Seminary of Virginia, Front Royal, Virginia and S.
George’s School of Theology, San Antonio, Texas.
Most bishops are training clergy using the old
method of “Reading for Orders.”  Numbers of
clergy are coming from maintain line
denominations and converting to the Anglican
Faith. The Anglican Seminary of Virginia is
functioning in five countries around the world.
These are: Colombia, Philippines, Australia, Haiti
and the US.

Rapid Growth is projected for the ACIC based on
the formularies for joining and the strict and
unwavering of our devotion to the traditional faith
* Dioceses which are in Communion with Virginia
and may not sit in the College of Bishops of the
ACIC but are represented there by the Bishop of
The Historic Manifesto and Resolution Declaring
Virginia the New World See of the Traditional Anglican
Declaration of Revival

Revival and Restoration of
the Anglican Faith

Whereas, continuing Anglican Churchmen
worldwide desire greater union and

Whereas, the Anglican Faith is under
attack by forces of evil resulting in the
abandonment of the traditional faith of the
primitive church and the Faith given to us
by the ancient fathers of the church,

Whereas, prayer for a new Great
Awakening of the Christian Faith is
essential for the cure of souls of God’s
people worldwide,

Whereas, the orthodox Anglican faith must
be preserved as a gift to be passed to our
children and generations to come,

Whereas, there is an urgent necessity for
this statement of manifest destiny and a
seat of Communion,

Whereas, the first permanent English
Colony and Church in America was
established at Jamestown Island in 1607,
and whose establishment in the
Commonwealth of Virginia has been
continuous for four-hundred years,

Whereas, the Jamestown Colony was a
parish of the Bishop of London with an
established Church and priest named the
Rev. Robert Hunt,

Whereas, our Anglican forefathers who
came to America at Jamestown were
communicants of the Church of England
and practiced  and planted their faith by
the use of the Book of Common Prayer,

Whereas, the first representative assembly
to meet in America met in the Anglican
Church at Jamestown for the purposes of
self government,

Whereas, Virginia is known as the New
World birth place of democracy and
religious freedoms,

Therefore, be it Resolved and
that the undersigned are in
Communion and agree that the Jamestown
colonists, guided by the hand of God
Almighty, did give birth to new world
Anglicanism and churchmanship;
providing hope for people worldwide
desiring to breathe free and to attain self
government and to escape from tyrannical
forms of oppression; and likewise as a
signatory to this manifesto do pledge to
work for a Great Awakening of the
Christian Faith.

Be it further Resolved, that the Anglican
Church of Virginia is and shall be
recognized and designated as the locus of
the renewal of worldwide Anglican Faith
committed to the Truth as revealed in the
Authorized Version of the Holy Bible, and
the traditional Books of Common Prayer
dated 1549, 1552, 1662, 1928 and valid
translations of these aforesaid Books of
Common Prayer and Holy Bible.

In the Name of God the Father, God
the Son and God the Holy Ghost.

This Resolution is attested and witnessed
by the affixing of the seals and signatures
of followers of Jesus Christ and
representatives of the Anglican Faith.  

Manifesto Original Signatures
Signed June 24-26, 2005
Mexico Synod of the ACID

The Rt. Rev. Melvin H Pickering, Anglican
Diocese of the Good Shepherd (USA)

The Rt. Rev. Dr. George W. Conner, Anglican
Diocese of the Good Shepherd (USA)

The Rt. Rev. Kenneth G. Walsh, Jr., Anglican
Diocese of the Good Shepherd (USA)

The Rt. Rev. Ruben  Rodriguez M. Vicrnes,
Anglican Church in America-TAC (Central

The Rt. Rev. Jorge B. Martinez, Mexican
Independent Episcopal Church (Mexico)

The Rt. Rev. Luther Pierre-Tousaint,
Orthodox Apostolic Anglican Church of Haiti

The Rt. Rev. Chopin Cusachs, American
Anglican Convocation (USA and England)

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Larry W. Johnson, The
Anglican Church of Virginia (USA)

The Rt. Rev. Joseph Desir, The Orthodox
Apostolic Anglican Church of Haiti (Haiti)

The Rt. Rev. Ernest Kelly, The Australia Free
Church of the Anglican Church of Virginia

The Rt. Rev. Vincent Thakore. The Diocese
of the South and India (USA and India)

The Rt. Rev. Lic Canot, The National
Anglican Church of the Dominican Republic
Memorandum of Understanding






An Anglican Fellowship

•        ACI refers to all Churches, Dioceses, Priests and Bishops in Anglican Church of
•        ACOVA refers to all Churches, Dioceses, Priests and Bishops in Anglican Church
of Virginia.

In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, Amen

NOW, THEREFORE, the ACI and the ACOVA mutually agrees as follows:


•        ACI and ACOVA are ‘Continuing Anglican’ churches and follow the faith of
‘Traditional Anglicans’.
•        ACI and ACOVA mutually respect and recognize each other’s total independence
as a Church.
•        ACI and ACOVA will work towards a fellowship between both churches based on
Anglican faith.
•        ACI and ACOVA will work together for the betterment of Anglicans worldwide
especially in India.
•        ACOVA can represent ACI in United States of America meanwhile ACI can
represent ACOVA in India.
•        All contacts to ACI will be only through the undersigned ACI officials and all
contacts to ACOVA will be only through the undersigned ACOVA officials.

Terms and Termination

The intent of this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is to formalize agreement to a
set of principles rather than to serve as a business agreement or contract. ACI and
ACOVA can terminate this MOU at any time with mutual consent. Otherwise, this
MOU could be used as a guideline to maintain the fellowship between ACI and ACOVA
and will be effective until another MOU is signed between the undersigned officials.
Signed this second day of July in the year of our Lord Jesus Chris 2005.

For Anglican Church of Virginia                           For Anglican Church of India

Arch Bishop Dr. Larry Wilson Johnson                Arch  Bishop Dr. Stephen Vattappara

Chancellor James Lewis Johnson, Esq.             The Rev. Stephen J. Vattappara