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Archbishop Stephen Vattappara of the Anglican Church of India and Archbishop Johnson
conferred November 8, 2009 at Evensong. They celebrated Holy
Communion prayed together. The Bishops' family visited the home of Bishop and Mrs. Johnson. The bishops have agreed upon a plan to fight the persecution of Christians in
India and in the United States.

Bishop Samuel Banzana of the Diocese of South Africa has made the decision to come into communion with the ACOVA and to be a member of the Anglican Church
International Communion. His application for membership in the College of Bishops will be submitted to the executive committee of ACIC for approval. This connection with
Bishop Banzana can be attributed to the Most Rt. Rev. Michael Wright of England shortly before his death.

THE NEW CONVENT. The Rev. Sara Mother Mary, Prioress, Community of Compassion is available to speak with those have question concerning the
Whereas, God in His Wisdom planted at Jamestown, Virginia in 1607, the first Anglican Church in the New World  and whose faithful beseeched God’s
blessings in the founding of a Christian Nation, and
Whereas, free men did meet in the Anglican Church as Jamestown to lay the foundation of our New Republic and to govern themselves as free men, and
Whereas, Anglicans of Virginia, by God’s hand, have established the Anglican Church of Virginia, and
Whereas, the followers of Jesus Christ are commissioned to take the Gospel to all people and to all Nations,
WE DECLARE that the Church of today must be a church on mission, reaching out to believers and non-believers with the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.
WE FURTHER DECLARE that we adhere wholly to biblical teaching and to the following principles and tenets of Faith, and thus shall not accept any action
or compromise that would weaken or change the faith and traditions of these principles and beliefs, which we hold to be essential to an unimpaired relationship
with Jesus Christ and His one holy catholic and apostolic church.
Therefore, we fervently commit our Honor, lives, fortunes, and eternal Souls to the following Tenets of Faith of the Anglican Church of Virginia.

    We believe in the authority of the HOLY SCRIPTURES as the inerrant Word of God, as summarized by the Creeds, taught by the Fathers, and
defined in the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion, and the Authorized (King James) Version of The Holy Bible, it being the standard translation into the English
  We believe the Nicene and Apostles' CREEDS are binding on every member of the Church as the expression of their specific personal
commitment and conviction.
   We believe HOLY BAPTISM as ordained by Christ, as set forth in the Book of Common Prayer, is the seal of our Salvation, and Confirmation by a
bishop in the apostolic line is the means whereby we receive the strengthening
gifts of the Holy Spirit in the Apostolic tradition.
   We believe HOLY COMMUNION shall be validly celebrated by a bishop of the Apostolic line, or by a priest ordained by such a bishop, and
properly received by those confirmed or ready and desirous to be confirmed. Holy Communion will not be refused to believing baptized Christians of other
 We believe HOLY ORDERS of Bishop, Priest, and Deacon are open only to believing men, following Biblical practice, the universal practice of
the holy catholic church, and as intended by our Book of Common Prayer.
    We believe the integrity of the sacramental functions of the EPISCOPATE, and according to the Apostolic model, as evangelists, guardians of
the faith, and caring shepherds of the flock, shall be placed above the administrative responsibilities that have so often caused mischief in the churches of former
      We believe the historic BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER is the doctrinal standard and our common liturgy. We worship according to the 1928
American edition of the Book of Common Prayer, the 1962 Canadian edition, or the 1662 English Book of Common Prayer. We respect liturgical expression
established by Archbishop Thomas Cranmer in 1549, and the 1552 version as set forth by the Act of Uniformity, and other national equivalents so far as the
faith is kept entire by them.
   We believe that Marriage is set aside as a special sacrament and union between one heterosexual man and one heterosexual women
  We believe that Life is created by God and begins at conception and that abortion is a sin against God.
We believe that “God giveth and God taketh, blessed be the Name of the Lord” and that suicide, assisted suicide, and euthanasia are Sins
against God.
   We believe in the unique Salvation of Jesus Christ and pledge our commitment to the words of Our Lord Jesus Christ about Himself: "I am the
WAY, the Truth, and the Life: and no man cometh to the Father, but by me."  
12.        These are treasures of the Anglican Faith which we guard zealously and believe to be anointed gifts from
God the Father, God the Son and God
the Holy Ghost. AMEN
Declaration of Principles
Tenets of Belief
The Anglican Church of Virginia
The  Communicant's Vow
I GIVE MY WITNESS BEFORE GOD, to all believers in Christ, unbelievers and
those who claim the Name of Christ, by my name and seal.

SIGNED, In the Name of GOD the FATHER, GOD the SON and GOD the HOLY GHOST, this ____________, day of
____________________________, in the year of our Lord, two-thousand and ________________________________.

Seal and Name:_____________________________________________
JOIN US!. Become apart of the  Anglican Faith true to the Holy Bible and the authentic 1928 Book of Common Prayer.
There is a place for you in the Anglican Church of Virginia Communion. You may be a resident communicant of one of  our parishes, or establish your
canonical residency by submitting the document here to the bishop (via email). Hopefully you would visit Evensong from time to time and take Holy
Communion, or at an orthodox Anglican Church approved by the bishop.  If you are in agreements with the our tenets of faith JOIN US!.  
Join Bishop Johnson
in the
Absolution, Lord's
Prayer and receive
your Blessing during
this season taken
from Morning Prayer
1928 BCP page 6.
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The Son of God is
sacrificed for our
sins. Repent you of
your sins and claim
the Salvation
purchased for you
on the rugged

Concordat Signed at Evensong. Months of prayer and planning came to fruition at Evensong. The signing of a Concordat between the African Orthodox Church of
Africa and the Anglican Church of Virginia took place at the Altar of Bethlehem Chapel. Discussions had been underway for some time and upon the visitation of the
Rt. Rev. James Peter Bramhan, Bishop of Washington, D.C. a concordat providing for full communion between these two orthodox and traditional provinces was
sealed. A snow storm raged but a determined Bishop Bramhan arrived on schedule. Following the signing the two bishops jointly celebrated Holy Communion Bishop
Bramham is a former Roman Catholic priest and retired Army man. He converted to orthodoxy and last year was consecrated a bishop. Bishop Johnson was honored
to have this visitor at Evensong for this historic event.

The Rt. Rev. Dr +I. De Balbian, Trinity Priory of South Africa, has completed submission of the application for coming into the Anglican Church International
Communion. His order is now in communion with the Anglican Church of Virginia. The College of Bishops of the ACIC will be asked to seat Bishop +De Balbian at its
next meeting. Trinity Priory of South Africa will be a separate jurisdiction.

Bishop +James (Peter) Bramhan, OSB of the African Orthodox Church of Africa and the Bishop of Virginia, +Larry Johnson have had a number of discussions and
exchanged correspondence concerning coming into communion. Bishop +Brahman in the Bishop of Washington. The Metropolitan is Archbishop James Salisbury, Jr.
OSB. Meetings are planned after the new year at Evensong and in Washington, D.C.

Archbishop +Catholicos Scholarios-Gennadius III, OSB, Protosyncellus of the Ecumenical Canonical Orthodox Church Worldwide  visits Evensong  on The Epiphany
of Our Lord, January 6, 2010. He was accompanied by his wife, Episcopa Lestine. Bishops +Scholararis and +Johnson discussed ways their jurisdictions may draw
closer. An "Agreement of Friendship and Communion" was signed. Full communion of the two bodies will be achieved in the near future it is hoped.

MANHATTAN DECLARATION. Bishops Larry Johnson and Michael Robertson signed onto the Manhattan Declaration individually. The MD is an effort by hundreds
of churches and denominations to speak as one voice in the preservation of the Christian Faith in the United States.

ANGLICAN CHURCH OF INDIA / ANGLICAN CHURCH OF VIRGINIA STRENGTHEN TIES. The Anglican Church of India and the Anglican Church of Virginia
have strengthened their communion and have pledged to fight the persecution of Christians in India and the United States. See for more
information. Archbishop Stephen Vattappara during his visit to Evensong invited Bishop Johnson to make a return trip to India in 2011 to lead revivals as he did in
2007. Raising funds for such a venture is a challenge and donations will be needed to accomplish this mission.

ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH SEEKS TO INCLUDE ACOVA. Gregory P. Lloyd, M.A. visited Evensong recently to discuss the Pope’s November 5, 2009 proposal to
Anglicans. Mr. Lloyd is the Executive Director of the National Coalition of Clergy and Laity headquartered at Whitehall, Pennsylvania. The visit was most cordial and
informative with expressions of love and friendship for each other as well as the hope of more discussions in the future. “The Holy Father has taken historic action
relative to Anglicans,” Mr. Lloyd affirmed. Bishop Johnson reiterated his proposal that the Anglican and Catholic Faiths, while separate, have much to achieve
through future discussions.  Johnson offered as a step forward that the “Bishops of Rome and the Anglican Church of Virginia celebrate together the Holy
Communion as a first step forward.” See the Washington Times article posted on for more information. Lloyd and Johnson will meet
again soon. Lloyd has provided complete copies of the Apostolic Constitution of Bendict XVI of Rome and Complementary Norms for the Apostolic Constitution

Anglicanorum coetibus.
Johnson affirmed his position that reunion with Rome under the present proposals were lacking. He said, “To join one another at the Altar is
the first step. The separation of over four-hundred years must and will require great patience and hard work to overcome.”

ACIC ENDORSES AFFIRMATION OF ST. LOUIS. The Bishops of the ACIC have agreed to support and endorse of the Affirmation of St. Louis. The only change in
wording would concern reunion with the Church of England. The ACIC supports wording that says, “The ancient Church of England.” This clearly sends a message
that the current Church of England is not the church we seek to reunite with.

Experimentation has been successful and uses for this means of communication are being explored. The Bishop encourages everyone to check it out and send him
your ideas.
Anglican Church of Virginia
The Anglican Church in the United States of America, Inc
Bishop Samuel Banzana of the
Diocese of South Africa
made the decision to come into
communion with the ACOVA and
the Anglican Church International
Communion. His diocese is now in
communion with Virginia. His
seating in the College of Bishops of
the ACIC will be approved at the
next Synod of the ACIC. This
connection with Bishop Banzana
can be attributed to the Most Rt.
Rev. Michael Wright of England
shortly before his death. Bishop
Banzana pictured to left.
The bishop reads the
Gospel According to
St. John beginning at
the first verse of the
first chapter. This
Gospel is read in
many Anglican
Churches following
Holy Communion. It is
known as the "final"
Bishop James
Peter Bramhan
signs Concordat
as Bishop Larry W.
Johnson watches.
The document was
signed by both
and then followed
by the Celebration
of the Holy
Communion by the
The Virginia Communion
grows as orthodox and
traditional Bodies of Christ
come together in
Communion. We give thanks
to God for this step forward.
Read below about these
The Confession
Gospel of John