Anglicans of Haiti have lost everything, accept their determination.
Gone are homes, churches and schools but His Spirit lives in their
hearts. We thank those who are helping. Please continue.
David W. Lee of Virginia is leading work to assess needs. New theme is "Helping Haitians to
Help Themselves." Contact David to see how you may help. His email address below.

    But First. Disaster has struck Haiti and
    thousands have died. Their people are in
    crisis and nations are moving in to help.
    We as Christians must be there to help
    not only to rebuild their homes but their
    lives. Our fund is to do this in a small
    way. We want them to know that their
    children will return to school; that our
    surviving priests will have an Altar to
    bring the Comfort of Jesus to them. We
    can not foresee everything now but we
    know that our job is to pray for them, to
    stand with them and to have resources
    to help. We must be there for "long
    haul." Our funds and your donations will
    go to our people by name and not lost in
    a general fund.

Our Diocese in Haiti was founded by the Rt.
Rev Lafond Lapointe in the 1980's. Since its
founding the diocese has grown and seen
other Anglican Dioceses developed. We have
three Anglican Dioceses in Haiti at this time.

The Rt. Rev. Joseph D. Desir was
consecrated a Bishop for Haiti by the Rt. Rev.
Larry W. Johnson of Virginia; the Rt. Rev.
Melvin Pickering of New Mexico,; and the Rt.
Rev. Vincent Thakore of Georgia(deceased).  

Bishop Desir has served as priest and lawyer
in his country. He served as an official in the
Government  for a number of years.

The old Orthodox Anglican Church of Haiti
was established in 1861. When the
Episcopalians arrived in Haiti in 1913 they
took over the buildings but many of the
people did not go to them. They for the most
part became Methodists until Lafond Lapointe
left the EC to gather the traditionalists. The old
Anglican Church was reconstituted by the Rt.
Rev. Lafond Lapointe in 1987.  The Church
was headed by the Rt. Rev. Bishop Lafond
Lapointe until his death in 2001. Before
Bishop Lapointe's death he gave leadership
in the election of Bishop Johnson to provide
oversight for the Church in Haiti and to found
the Anglican Church of Virginia.  To his credit
he envisioned a new communion and helped
to establish
 the Anglican Church
International Communion
.  Bishop Johnson is
the Guardian and episcopal visitor. Other
Anglican Bishops are the Rt. Rev. Samuel
Felxon and the Rt. Rev. Pierre Toussaint.
Whereabouts unknown.

Our Father, please protect and bring comfort to
the living. Receive the souls of the dead into
your loving Arms. In Jesus Name we Pray,
+Larry W. Johnson, Bishop
Where are they now?
Photos from Bishop Johnson's visit to Haiti in better times.
These are some of our Anglican children, priests, deacons and teachers.
Note photo of US Marine on wall of top right photo. Pride that a son of
Haiti is a United States Marine.
Anglican Church Haitian Relief Fund it to help Haitians to help themselves!!

A relief committee to assess needs in conjunction with the advice of our leaders in
Haiti is underway.  However, communications is most difficult. Bishop Johnson has
asked David W. Lee of Harrisonburg, Virginia to head this work. David is a
successful business man with the knowhow to help our Haitian Dioceses to begin to
establish themselves for the long haul of rebuilding. An assessment is now
underway with the help of the our people in Port au Prince to ascertain the things
needed to rebuild churches, schools and a children's home. Too, the question of how
to improve the economic will being of our people there is being considered. The goal
of the effort is in the words, "Helping Haitians to Help Themselves."

Those who wish to assist in this may contact David Lee at email address;

The Anglican Church of Virginia has established a Relief Fund to assist our people
in Haiti. You may donate to the Anglican Church Haitian Relief Fund by sending a
check to: “Anglican Church Haitian Relief Fund” c/o Anglican Church of Virginia,
582 Simons Way, Front Royal, VA 22630. You may call 1.540.635.5521 with Card
Credit information and speak directly to the Bishop to donate.

The fund account is with  BB&T Banking and Trust Company, Front Royal, Virginia. The BB&T
Executive Advisor, Mr. Jon Berry. Telephone number: 1.540.635.1825. Additionally, an advisory
committee has been appointed by Archbishop Johnson to supervise fund disbursements. The
Committee is chaired by The Ven. Dr. Ralph Gardiner,Ph.D., Archdeacon, Montross, VA, telephone
number: 1.804.493.7407. Other members are the Rt. Rev. Michael Robertson, Oklahoma; the Rev.
Thomas Gore, M.Div.; Mr. James L. Johnson, Esq., Wharton, Aldhizer and Weaver, Harrisonburg,
VA and the Rt. Rev. Larry W. Johnson, Ex Officio. Your suggestions for the committee are welcome.

The Anglican Church of Virginia and the Anglican Church International Communion
have three bishops and dioceses in Haiti. The bishops are the Rt. Rev. Pierre
Toussaint, the Rt. Rev. Joseph Desir and the Rt. Rev. Samuel Felxon. Bishop Felxon
is now communicating with us and we will get more reports soon. We do not know
the status of Bishop Toussaint, at this time. Bishop Joseph Desir has been in the
United States recovering from a serious illness.