The New Black Robed Regiment is comprised of men of the cloth, and men and women supportive
of them, who are joined in the common purpose of the saving of our Christian Nation and the
freedoms won by our Forefathers in the American Revolution and preserved in the Declaration of
Independence and the Constitution.

Regiment members believe in the infallibility of Scripture as contained in the Authorized Version of
the King James Holy Bible; that all life is precious, abortion is a sin, marriage is between one
heterosexual male and one heterosexual female, and that men in Holy Orders shall be of high morals
and heterosexual. We fervently believe in the American tenets of freedom and Christian Faith upon
which our Nation was founded.

Members are found in different denominations and independent churches. They may or may not
know each other depending on their personal situation. Some are very open and well known while
others work anonymously. They may be employed in religious or secular jobs. Members are found
in a variety of places such as business and industry, the military, law enforcement, emergency
medical services, hospitals, schools, colleges, and government. Some members of the Regiment may
be in a place or position they cannot express or reveal their Christian faith openly but work quietly
or “underground.” Regiment membership is solitary and there is no organizational membership. If
members learn of one another, they are encouraged to fellowship and pray together. They may
collaborate on activities that further the objectives of the New Black Robed Regiment. Members are
responsible for their actions and are independent. The Regiment takes no responsibility for and does
not encourage violence or the breaking of the law. A formal organizational structure is discouraged,
noting that the member is a solitary “prayer warrior” and minister of God first and foremost. Our
prayers are to beseech God’s Guidance and Power to uproot peaceably the corruption evident
among political leaders who oppress the people, use government for selfish pursuits, and block the
Constitutional processes of Democracy and Representative Government in our American Republic.

The New Black Robed Regiment’s members support the founding principles of our Country, the
Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution of the United States of America. They must be
willing to teach their congregations or persons with whom they associate the history of the founding
of the United States of America and read often the Declaration of Independence and teach the
precepts of freedom and responsibilities contained in the Constitution. They lead their congregations
and fellowships in prayer for our Nation and its leaders, local, state, and national and always praying
that God will raise up righteous Christian men and women to serve as leaders of the people.
Members should observe special days in American history and see that they are taught and
remembered as “historic holidays.” Families as well as civic organizations are important places
where members may reach people with the Regiment’s message. These simple principles are the
guide to the work of the Regiment.

When you enlist, you receive a card which is black bearing a white cross. This reminds us that the
Regiment takes Christ’s Light into places of darkness remembering always John 12:32. On the
reverse side is a number written in hand (the number will indicate the numerical order of your
enlistment), and your name does not appear unless you add it. July 2, 1776, printed on the card, is
the date of the approval of the Declaration of Independence and the date the Continental Congress
ordered it to be circulated to the clergy of the Colonies and read to their congregations. The word
“Philadelphia”  reminds of the location of this historic decision. This card is to remind us, the “new”
Black Regiment members of the way the first Black Regiment put their lives on the line, as well as
the importance of our mission. Members are encouraged to pray for the United States morning,
noon, and night. No records of members are kept, as there is no organization beyond the fellowship
in the Cross of Jesus. The Regiments Commander is the only one who will have knowledge of
members. Email addresses are kept confidential and used only to communicate important
information of the Regiment. This may be discontinued and members may retrieve news from the
web site.

A lapel pin in the design of the member card is offered to each member to identify himself to other
members. A flag of the same design approximately three by five feet is available to be flown or
displayed, as the Regiment member deems appropriate in honoring our Savior. The flag and pin
must be ordered from the .

Members are encouraged to wear black regularly and often, especially when preaching, teaching
about our country's history, freedoms, Constitution,  about our Founding Fathers,  commemorating
a special day in history of our country or to indicate our country in distress. Ministers, priests,
pastors, and lay ministers who are accustomed to wearing clergy attire will have black robes or
gowns, but others are encouraged to acquire them from church supply houses, or wear a simple
black suit or dress.

Advisories via email or web site news will offer suggestions for various activities, such as the
reenactment of the Rev. Peter Mulenburg’s dramatic announcement that he had joined the
Continental Army, suggested prayers, prayer requests, available reading material, important dates,
available curriculums, teaching aids, and the like.

Should you desire send news of your activities  to be reported in the emails to members please do
so. Note whether you wish to remain anonymous.

To join you email  Provide an address to which your card will
be mailed. There are neither dues nor organizational structure, simply the communion of  men of the
cloth, and their supporters, united in the common cause of guarding, restoring, and bringing our
Nation back to the God of the Holy Trinity

Our Father, we pray that You will strengthen us as we work to restore our Nation and return
her to YOU. We ask the protection of our country, her people and Give thanks for our freedoms
and independence of old. For the New Black Robed Regiment and her members we ask for the
power of the Holy Ghost to be released within each member to pursue Your Great Commission.
Give each courage to stand against sin, attacks upon our Christian Faith and our beloved United
States of America. Further, we ask not to weaken in the mist of the battle and as the arms of Moses
were held up and the Victory achieved, that You Lord will sustain us in the day of our current
struggle; and that at the last when we shall be called home our Cry shall continue to ring out across
our land from the breast of every Citizen, King Jesus is the Lord and Master of these United States
of America. And in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ we pray and give our oath as did the
founders of our nation on July 2, 1776, praying that the following ideals be etched eternally in the
hearts of every American desiring to be free _____  

*Excerpted from the Declaration of Independence.
The New Black Robed Regiment
The Rt. Rev. Larry Wilson Johnson
Who we are and our Mission.
Dailey Regimental Prayer
Let us Pray.
In the Name of the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that
they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among
these are Life Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness._____ And for the
support of this Declaration, with afirm reliance on the protection of Divine
Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our
Sacred Honor.*