First use of the name The Anglican Church in
the United States
occurred in 2005 when Bishop
Larry W. Johnson, the first bishop, begin laying
the foundation of ACUSA.
Worship services using the name the
Church in the United States {ACUSA}
first  were
conducted in Virginia at  Bethlehem Chapel in
Front Royal, Virginia in 2005. The first man
ordained an ACUSA priest was Dr. Ralph
Gardiner at George Washington's birthplace at
Pope's Creek, Virginia in March of 2006. The
Ven. Dr. Gardiner is now an Archdeacon
serving ACUSA at Holy Redeemer Anglican
Church in Montross, Since that time a number
of men have been ordained and services
conducted daily and weekly in Virginia and
other states.  ACUSA was officially incorporated
by the State Corporation Commission of
Virginia in November of 2006 to serve
churchmen throughout the US, and is
comprised of traditionalist only in the United
We are all very aware of the division,
splintering, factions, and the general
disorganization of the Anglican movement that
began in the in the United States in the 1960s.
Since then many new dioceses have
developed; some well organized and some not.
There are in the United States more than sixty
continuing bishops and scores of
“denominations.” This does not count the
growing number of foreign jurisdictions which
are being established to serve ethnic groups
consisting of arriving immigrants who use the
Anglican Book of Common Prayer. Additionally
there are the charismatic churches which call
themselves Anglican but use no liturgy. A
recent development is Orthodox Church
denominations that are using the Anglican
liturgy but lack education and experience and
are seeking leadership, episcopal
relationships and oversight.
This loosely constructed “do it yourself”
churchmanship is a challenge if we are to pass
our Anglican faith on to a new generation. The
time has come for the bishops of continuing
churches to come together organically and
administratively. Presently the continuing
Anglican movement is fractured and void of
unified direction
The Anglican Way is common prayer and
communion among Anglicans.
The Problems.
1. The Anglican movement in the United States is
comprised of many “pieces” and is disorganized and
leaderless. There is little communication, cooperation,
and information sharing; a total absence of a
comprehensive mission. The laity longs for bishops
who will do more to foster unity of purpose and
practice in the United States.

2. Our bishops are aging as are the people in our
3. Missionary developments in the US by the
continuing church have been less than satisfactory
due to lack of unity, funds, and leadership.

4. We have bishops and jurisdictions in the US with
overlapping diocesan boundaries, a variety of names
confusing to the public and even to the leadership.
We can count in some cities as many as six to seven
churches and each under a separate bishop and
jurisdiction. Neither communicants nor bishops can
wrap their arms around this and properly explain it in a
manner to excite newcomers about the “benefits” of

5. We do not have an aggressive program to attract
newcomers to help them to understand Anglicanism
and what it means to live a sacramental life as an
Anglican Christian.

The problems enumerated here are frustrating to all
as we strive to serve Him as clergy and laity. In the
United States, there are disturbingly few converts.
The numbers of men seeking vocations has fallen and
the number of women seeking vocations as nuns and
religious workers is almost non-existent. Students who
want a religious education are going to secular
schools where the word “Anglican” does not exist
except in a dictionary and certainly not in a course of
study. School guidance counselors most likely have
not received career opportunities information on
Anglicanism in a generation and certainly, there are
no or few  bishops or priests attending school or
college career days to talk to students.
"The amalgamation of the continuing traditional Anglican denominations and the
establishment of new dioceses in each State is our goal. The continuing church and its
bishops must unite. The raising up of new young bishops is essential lest Anglicanism in
the US die. ACUSA is our answer."  -Larry W. Johnson
Our Mission.

Our Mission is to accomplish the following:
  • Provide worship services and bring the sacraments to Churchmen in the United States. We are a national church serving the
    people of the United States.
  • Unite the Continuing Church Movement in the United States by establishing a Diocese of ACUSA in each State hereby bringing
    together the continuing churchmen and clergy into one strong Church.
  • Unite by the "amalgamation" the dioceses and denominations that have developed over these past five decades in the USA.
  • Coordinate Anglican church mission work and administration.
  • Focus on  educating traditionalists and orthodox Anglicans on the true Anglican Way which Canterbury has abandoned.
  • Provide for a “home” for continuing USA churchmen in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and nationwide. The place of the founding
    of the Anglican Faith in the New World was affirmed by the Mexico City Resolution in 2005, and ratified by the College of Bishops
    of the Anglican Church International Communion [ACIC].
By accepting this Mission, we will fulfill our divine calling toward unity. Under this plan, dedicated and unselfish churchmen will lay a
foundation for another thousand years of Anglican Way. The “seed” planting of unity and a strong Communion will serve  future
generations of Anglicans in the United States and set an example for the world.
May God give us the courage and grant us the strength to accomplish this Mission!  
The Solutions.

We must begin to communicate with one another and approach the challenge with fervent prayer and missionary zeal!
1.        Bishops must acknowledge the great dilemma of the Anglican Faith in the United States and take action.
2.        Bishops need to come together under a single name and organizational structure with each state serving a diocese.
3.        Nomenclature must be the same from diocese to diocese.
4.        Overlapping jurisdictions must have future planned structures lending themselves to permanence but with an objective to morph
into an understandable and strong traditional structure which is Anglican: a morphallaxis.
5.        Structures for future growth and organization will apply and be followed by all bishops.
6.        Incardination standards and guidelines for bishops and clergy are essential to prevent wondering vagantes and rogue bishops.
7.        Finances must be increased by showing our people we have potentially powerful programs which need assistance and
leadership to implement uniting of our movement.
8.        Reduction in the duplication services required by multiple dioceses is a waste of labor and financial resources. Outreach efforts
and missionary work can be positively facilitated by the coordination of reassigned personnel when the duplication of efforts are
brought under control.
9.        Improvement and expansion of religious education is critical. Seminary and educational programs will be improved and
expanded by exchange and utilization of our best scholars across boundaries for the purposes of achieving eschatological excellence.
The development of more seminaries would be possible under these circumstances and the development of distance learning
opportunities can be accomplished by pooling scholar knowledge, man-hours, and skill.

It is the Mission of the Anglican Church in the United States of America, ACUSA, to lead the way in bringing together continuing
church movements, dioceses, and bishops. The plan for the amalgamation is the first for continuing churchmen and with ACUSA
leading the way and the Blessing our Father it shall succeed.
Under this plan, present bishops are planting seeds that will grow strong and serve the future generations of Anglicans in the US for
generations to come. We have not much more than ten years to accomplish this mission based on current demographics of the
continuing church movement. May God give us the courage to move forward in His Holy Name and Mission.
How to join in the founding of this New Church?
1)        Communicate your interest in this historic venture.
2)        Request to be a Founding Bishop in your State or States where you have parishes.
3)        Declare your support for the agreements set forth in the section entitled, “The Agreements” the document mentioned below.
4)        Request a founder’s packet of information.
5)        Submit the Application for a Founding Bishop of the Anglican Church in the United States of American, Inc. These bishops will
serve as the “steering committee” until a national council of advice is formed and a Presiding Bishop is elected. They will be expected
to assist in the formulation of Canons.
In taking this step, you have established an official relationship and will be given assignments to assist. You will be expected to
provide leadership in your diocese and in districts to be organized.
•        Pray for the unity of the continuing bishops.
•        Pray for the new fledgling Anglican Church in the United States of America, Inc.
•        Pray for wisdom as to what you as bishop have a responsibility to do in this time and place in history.
•        Express your desire to become a part of this historic effort by contacting the President's Office and request the documents to
begin the process of coming into communion.

If you have questions, or suggestions for accomplishing this make them known. If you would like to have me come to a
meeting to talk to your people you have but to request. Expenses are requested. You are invited to Evensong to
explore your role. You may order the first paper on the
Amalgamation of Continuing Anglican Churches in the United
States of America.

To order please call 1.540.635.5521 or email.
The Rt. Rev. Larry Wilson Johnson, Incorporating President
The Church Tower of the first
Anglican Church in America at
The Altar at the Historic Church
The Anglican Church in the United States of America, Inc. sm
this site address:
Planting the historic and traditional Anglican Faith.
We are praying for one bishop to step forth in each state.
Join Us in Building The Anglican Church in the United States of America,
Pray for The Anglican Church in the United States of America,

We are seeking at least one good bishop to found the diocese for his state of residency.
Are you one of the few with courage to step up in faith.
God does not call the qualified. He qualifies the called.

Order you copy of the plan for amalgamation.