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“It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great
nation was founded not by religionists, but by Christians; not on
religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason
peoples of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity,
and freedom of worship here.” Patrick Henry

Article the third… "Congress shall make no
law respecting an establishment of religion,
or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or
abridging the freedom of speech.."

Christian Betrayal

By The Rt. Rev. Larry W. Johnson, Archbishop, Anglican Church of Virginia,
Virginia Communion, International Provinces of the Anglican Church International

Such is the audacity of man that he would counterfeit God and be so bold as to
challenge His work.( 7 )

We who are alive today must do whatever it takes to see that our children have the opportunity
to live in a country that embraces individual freedom, propagates wholesome living, ensures free
enterprise, fosters high moral and Spiritual standards, does not hinder freedom of worship,
espouses law and order, protects life, liberty and the “pursuit of happiness” that only a Judeo-
Christian Nation can secure and where  government, as Lincoln proclaimed, is  “…of the
people, by the people, for the people, (and) shall not perish from the earth (6).”


Proposing this is not without precedent. A successful society, one that endures, must have
common laws, a common language, and common moral values accompanied by common
hopes and aspirations.
In a stormy sea of change.

We are a rock during these unsettled times.  We represent a new Anglican Communion called the Anglican Church International Communion.   
We are not a part of the Episcopal Church, nor the Church of England.  We have made significant progress and invite those who of not only
preserving, but expanding  our faith handed down to us by Cranmer, Riley, Latimer and Laud: all who gave their lives for our Anglican Faith.

Our Mission is simple: reach souls for Jesus.

We are a Church serving Anglicans of Virginia and around the world to worship in the tradition of men like George Washington and other founders of our
Nation.  We continue the Faith first brought to our shores and  established by Captain John Smith and the Rev. Robert Hunt who came to Jamestown Island
in 1607.   We use only  the traditional 1928 Book of Common Prayer taken from the original 1549,1552 and 1559, Thomas Cranmer's Books of Common
Prayer.  We are growing  and want to assist you in forming a parish. The new Anglican Seminary of Virginia is educating men for the priesthood. And seeks
men called to His ministry.
Join Us!
The Anglican
of Virginia, est.

Black Regiment
News/Order for Nuns
Christian Counseling
Who are the Anglicans?

Who are we? We are followers of Jesus Christ.  Our faith is
an ancient one dating back to the times of Jesus and His
Apostles, predating Rome.  Our history is traced to the
British Isles beginning according to the ancient historians
when Joseph of Arimathea visited  his tin mines at
Glastonbury, England bringing the Holy Grail. Joseph was
the man who gave his tomb to Jesus to be buried.  The first
written mention of Christians in Britain is by Tertullian about
200 AD.  He writes of "parts of Britain, inaccessible to the
Roman, which had yet been conquered by Christ." Origin
writes forty years later that in Britain are "Christians to be
found." Evident is abundant confirming this in
archaeological discoveries.  Our faith was first brought to
Roanoke Island on the Outer Banks of North Carolina (USA)
in 1587.  This colony would become the "Lost Colony." In
1607 Anglicans would settle the first permanent Colony at
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Audio Prayer by Bishop Johnson on
News Page.
The Black Regiment. What was this during the Revolutionary War?Read Today's Editorial  
for the Answer. Does our Nation cry out again for a new Black Regiment?  TO JOIN. Email

to discuss your desire to join
The Anglican Church. If you
live in the United States we can
help you find a traditional
parish or church. Perhaps your
congregation wishes to join
ACUSA. If you are a bishop in
another country perhaps you
want information on the
Anglican Church International
Top left: Historic Church at Jamestown. Center Top:  Bishops of ACIC enter Jamestown Church. Top right: Article on Bishop:
Bottom left: Mother Mary Magdalene of Community of Compassion prays at Father Ralph Gardiner Blessed Saviour Chapel.  Center bottom: Archbishop
Johnson blesses Sister Sara Mary as she takes vows as Bride of Christ. Bottom right: Bishop's pipers.
Those interested in
studying for
ordination may speak
to Bishop Johnson.
Videos you see are listed
Celebrating the First
Holy Communion
in the New World in 1607.
Jamestown Click Here
Includes a brief
presentation by
the Anglican Bishop of
The Rt. Rev. Larry W.

Second Video of Holy
service  (Click Here)
Second Video of Holy
Jamestown celebrated by
bishops from around the
world. Sound track is
sung Gloria in Latin by
Cumbee Choir of Holy
Redeemer Anglican
Church, Lerty, Virginia.  
The Anglican Church
Traditional 1928 Book of Common Prayer and Holy Bible Beliefs
If you are a bishop you may learn here how to learn how you can join the "Unitas."
You may say your prayers by clicking on "NEWS."
Site of the First Communion in the New
World. in 1607
Work of our  Church Reports Covering
Historic Founding and Services
Patrick Henry,
Anglican, of
The Cornerstones of Our Faith.

The Holy Bible, the Word of God, unchanged
and unchanging forms our foundation, sets our
boundaries and gives us an understanding of
Him and His relationship to us.

The traditional 1928 Book of Common Prayer is
our guide to our Spiritual growth strengthening
our Anglican life as Christians and directing our
Bible study and daily prayers. It provides a sure
path in our relationship with Jesus Christ. Our
daily prayers said from the Book of Common
Prayer keeps us in a strong relationship with
Jesus, and points the Way to God protecting us
from the temptation of Satan and the world.

The 1940 Hymnal contains our praise and
worship music which we use. It does not allow
man's interpretation to lead  us astray. While
modern music may be beautiful to hear we are
very careful in selecting what brings man to God
for the sanctification of the Soul.
The Mission of  our Church.
The first goal of the Church is to lead men and women to Christ in order
that they may be Saved and the second is to carryout the Great
Commission of taking Christ to the World. The Anglican Faith since its
beginning has done this. What we seek to do in Virginia, the United
States and around the World is to offer a Faith that is true to the Bible
and based upon the Faith of Christ and the Apostles
We in Virginia are committed to mission outreach, education and
bringing the Saving Grace of Christ to His people through the
Sacraments. In Virginia we are focusing on the Shenendoah Valley and
are establishing missions. You do not have to be an Anglican or born into
an Anglican family but  we are seeking men to serve as priests and
readers to establish missions. We need women to teach the children and  
families and minister to other women.
Larry W. Johnson, Bishop
About Us and the Anglican Way.
Where ever the Traditional Anglican Faith is practiced it provides the ROCK
in the storms of life. It appeals to those who desire to serve God beyond
themselves and to bringing Christ to all God's people.

Where it is practiced it brings order to chaos. It brings healing to the broken
and salvation to the sinner and lost. But, it is the
order and call to duty that
is the overriding quality that we learn. Anglicans are strong in Jesus and
when after picking up their Cross they unfailingly  follow Him.
IF you are seeking to join us and to work hard for Christ Call us or email.
We will assist in every way possible to bring you into an Anglican Church or
mission. We pray for continuing Anglican bishops with whom we may unite
the continuing movement.
Read the Plan for Unitas concerning this goal.
Bishop Johnson
Praise and Glorifying God
Unifying Anglicans
Standing Against Sin

1. This article, The Role of Women in the Anglican Church, has been
heralded as a significant article in the discussion of the woman in the
Anglican Church.

The role of the women in the Anglican Church has been a major issue
that has divided the church in the United States. Bishops not holding to
the traditional faith and allowing women to become priests and letting
men off the hook as to their responsibilities is presneted in this article.
Read this article and learn what the issues are and what "real" Anglican
women and men must do. Read why the traditional churchmen, both
women and men, must restore the Biblical precepts of the roles of men
and women in God's Holy and Apostolic Church.
 Click and Read "The
Role of the Woman in the Church" by Sondra and Larry Johnson.
2. This article, The Role of the Priest or Traditional Worship vs.
Heresy and Witchcraft.
Click and Read
Abandonment of the historic role of the priest is the major reason we
find the Church losing influence, membership dropping;  people not
looking to the Church for guidance, moral standards for living, and
comfort in the trying times in which we live. The Church of God must
have a new, dedicated tough minded priest who loves Christ and is  
Jesus Christ to the people. When he steps to the Altar he must know
it is Christ who brings the Power. In the pulpit the priest must be on
fire for the Lord; unafraid of man but in awe and fear of God. It is the
Souls of his congregation that are at risk and his own! His Cure shall
and must be saved." +L. Johnson, Bishop
Issues Confronting the Anglican Church Worldwide.

June 21 is the date of
the first Holy
Communion at
Jamestown in 1607.
For more on the
Jamestown story visit
the web site link here.
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click for full story.)

The First 19 Years of Progress

1.         Bishop Consecrated
2.         Anglican Church of Virginia Founded 2001
3.         Constitution  Approved
4.         By Laws for Parishes Approved
5.         Bishop Consecrated
6.         Virginia Communion founded
7.         Places of Worship Established in Virginia.
8.         Diocese for Australia Founded
9.         Australian Diocese Joins Virginia
10.        ACIC Founded November 2001
11.        Publican prepared defining traditional Anglican Faith
12.        Anglican Seminary of Virginia Founded
13.        Seminary Catalogue Approved    
14.        Community of Compassion Founded
15.        First Nun takes Vows
16.        Prioress Installed
17.        Anniversary Celebration at Jamestown
18.        Web Site Created
19.        ACUSA,Inc. Founded
20.        ACUSA Acronym Patented
21.        ACUSA name Patented
22.        Emblem for ACUSA developed
23.        ACIC Founded
24.        College of Bishops of the ACIC created
25.        First ACIC Synod Hosted in Jamestown
26.        Accreditation Standard Approved for Seminaries
27.        Accreditation Council Founded
28.        First President of the Accreditation Council Appointed
29.        Oklahoma Bishop Joins the Virginia Communion
30.        Bishops Joins the Virginia Communion
31.        Australian Bishops Adopts Virginia Seminary
32.        Haitian Bishops Adopts Virginia Seminary
33.        Indian Bishops Adopts Virginia Seminary
34.        Colombia Bishop Adopts Virginal Seminary
35.        ACOVA and India Sign Concordat
36.        ACOVA and India Form the Council
37.        Representatives of ACOVA and ACI visit Washington, D.C.
38.        Archbishop of India Visits Evensong
39.        Virginia Bishop Visits India
40.        Indian and Virginia Bishop visit US Congress
41.        Anglican Seminary grants Diplomas to in Colombia
42.        Virginia Bishop visits Colombia
43.        First priest ordained at George Washington's Birthplace
44.        Pipe and Drum Corps is organized  and Blessed
45.        Virginia Designated as Birth Place of Anglican Faith in New
46.        Standards for selection of Bishops is written
47.        ACIC College of Bishops appoints Virginia Bishop as Secretary
48.        College of Bishops  elects Virginia bishop Archbishop of  ACIC
49.        First Archdeacon Consecrated for Virginia
50.        Montross  established first parish in its own building.
51.        Anglican Seminary of Virginia grants first LTh.      
52.        Virginia approves reception of priests procedure.
53.        Amalgamation Plan for  Anglican jurisdictions formulated
54.        Publications for the Community of Compassion printed
55.        Archdeacon leads prison ministry
56.        Second Sister takes Vows.
57.        Formulareties for COC Approved.
58.        Georgia Bishop Forms Diocese on VA Model
59.        Concordats Signed with Four Orthodox Denominations
60.        Anglican Church in the United States of America, Inc. is founded.
62.        Chaplaincy Endorser approved by  the Defense Department.
63.        Prioress for the Community of Compassion is Commissioned.
The Anglican Church of Virginia
Founded in 2001
Gives Thanks for Years of Progress
Sister Sara Mary Takes Vows
Is the United States of America a
Christian Nation?
News of the Community of Compassion.
Sister Sara MacAdam has assumed responsibilities for the Community of
Compassion as the new a Prioress.  She is now laying plans for her new
position and leadership role in the COC. Sister resides in Pontiac, MI and
is a life long Anglican bringing wonderful experience to the Community.
Those wishing to receive more information may soon be able to contact
her directly.
Please keep the COC and Sister in prayer.  
The Anglican Church of Virginia is the
archdiocese of for a worldwide communion of
traditional Anglican bishops. They have come
together under a simple name known as The
Anglican Church. The various dioceses have a
variety of names but they all have in common
the ancient and traditional worship as contained
in the Book of Common. Communion.
Affiliation is simple and to the point. They all
agree to the Anglican Church of Virginia's
statement of beliefs contained in the
Declaration of Principles and the Affirmation
of St. Louis. There is a bold plan for the
amalgamation of Anglican Church Dioceses.
New web site for posting of training aids
and educational guides for the
traditional Anglican Faith.
Visit. Site under construction.
Sister Sara Mary
News Updates for Fall 2019

  • Bishop Johnson looks forward to an expanding ACIC.
  • Service to war veterans increases. Communion distributed at retirement
  • Lay Reader training available.
  • New Priest ordained for ACOVA.
  • Father Tom Gore visits Bishop Johnson.
  • The Rev. Mother Sara Mary open to speaking about the COC..
  • Weekly bulletins written at the Patriots Anglican Church on citizen
    responsibilities of Anglicans.
  • Potential Postulants contact the Anglican Seminary of Virginia.
  • New seminarian studies vacancies open.
  • Father Gore developing new courses of study for Anglicans.
  • ACOVA looks to grow as domestic Bishops contact Archbishop.
  • Archbishop Johnson's booklet on the Anglican available again.